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Submitted on
June 21, 2012


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selection:Sasuke and Itachi

Journal Entry: Thu Jun 21, 2012, 11:22 PM

sasuke e itachi by yayoguesosItachi X Sasuke by Marvell44Sasuke And Itachi by iAwessomeThe Best Brother by dark-senninitachi y sasuke by david9410I WILL LOVE YOU FOREVER by narubleuchiha brothers by heyhey00:thumb309824375:Itachi and Sasuke : I'll always love you by Lanessa29Naruto 590: Itachi and Sasuke by KushinaStefyI will love you forever - Naruto Shippuden Manga by InMoeViewMy time is over ..... by GaaraJapanimeChapter 590: Uchiha Sasuke and Itachi by KakashidoeGoodbye Itachi... by RutakateSanSasuke and Itachi 590 by PinkGirl123Itachi's Last Words by imranfazilNaruto #590 Sasuke And Itachi Color by SensationalGamesAMOR DE HERMANO ITACHI/SASUKE by marielikDespedida - Naruto Manga 590 by itachiulquiorraNaruto Manga Color 590 by lWorldChieflNaruto 590 - Fraternal Ties by SilverCore94- His FINAL words spoken with a SMILE - by NJungItachi - Sasuke /manga 590/ by RitsucatSasuke E Itachi 590 Siempre Te Amare by TheALM[590] I Will Always Love You. by 3spn4lifeNaruto 590 Itachi And Sasuke by matrksinwnaruto 590 itachi and sasuke by SamSamy13Naruto Chapter 590 Page 16-17 by NarutocolorI will always love you. by exdarkdemonNaruto 590 Sasuke-Itachi by MaryMerryItaSasu Love you by DP1757sasuke and itachi - manga 590 by hikinataI will always love you. by TheSaigoI will always love you by AR-UASasuke and Itachi from the Naruto manga chapter590 by Miss-Namikazesasuke itachi by animeflygirl80Uchiha Sasuke and  Itachi by ioshikI will love you forever by GoLD-MKI WILL LOVE YOU FOREVER by narubleBrothers by UruFreakI will Love you forever by AyuukimiNaruto 590 i love you forever by i-azuI will love you forever - Naruto Shippuden Manga by InMoeViewSasuke and Itachi 590 by PinkGirl123I'll love you forever by Delila2110:thumb309702793:sasuke i love you forever brother by zadimirNaruto 590: I will love you forever by GgaallaaMNaruto Chapter 590 :I Will Love You Forever by Abhizzsasuke itachi by animeflygirl80I will always love you by sergey1994...I will always love you... by NYAN-LAFF[590] I Will Always Love You. by 3spn4lifeI'll be always with you ... Sasuke by MaRaYu9i will love you forever by DartRoberthNaruto 590 - love for my brother by especialsempaiColor '' The Last Words Of Brother'' by Ricardo9TomateSasuke and Itachi - I will always love you by Sof-yxNaruto Ch#590 (P16) - Edo Itachi's Goodbye (1) by RomCrisisCoreNartuo 590 : i always be with you sasuke.... by Akira-12:thumb309999506:I will love you forever by Asianboyoshi-chanI'll always love you. by Jabberwonky:thumb310057953:Farewell Sasuke by CkayShirleyIncest by Bl4ckBurn:thumb310166809::thumb310156656::thumb310156482:Te amare para siempre by Itachis999Sasuke and Itachi by Dander97i will love you forever 590 by thelucasrbp

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132Jester Jun 24, 2012   Digital Artist
z Да их побольше чем Мадар -__-
RebenaTeRa Jun 22, 2012
From top to bottom, I like the first in the 22 row and the two in the 26 row
naruble Jun 22, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
fashion is I WILL LOVE YOU FOREVER !! xD

If you do not paint are not in fashion

too any awesome stuff cant choose!
NJung Jun 22, 2012  Student Digital Artist
Thanks for featuring mine alongside all the other great ones! :D
JaZzCaSt Jun 21, 2012  Hobbyist Artist
Wow you spotted all of them !! :faints:
XxAjisai-GraphicxX Jun 21, 2012  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
I started mine! I love all the colos!
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